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Heavenly Shoes offers an electric selection of designer shoes in Hobart, featuring a unique range of women’s shoes plus a select range of genuine leather purses, wallets and other accessories.

Our boutique-style shoe store located only 15 minutes away from Hobart offers a wide variety of stylish, mildly quirky, individual, and hard-to-find styles of women’s shoes. We also stock a selection of Italian-inspired men’s shoes.

Heavenly Shoes focuses on styles that offer something different. The kind of thing that impresses without screaming for attention. Our philosophy is to offer quality women’s shoes and men’s shoes, with a focus on stylish and unique designer shoes.

Our amazingly diverse range of women’s shoes and men’s shoes are of excellent quality, without the ridiculous price tag.

Our amazingly diverse range of shoes, includes brands from all over the world… all in stock for you to try and take home today.

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Django & Juliette Keepme

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Le Sansa Maple

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Via Nova Estella

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Top End Farish

Orthotic Shoes in Hobart

Heavenly Shoes also offers a wide range of orthotic shoes in Hobart … with absolutely no compromise on style or quality. Our orthotic-friendly shoes includes famous, respected brands like Alegria, Traq by Alegria, Acropedico, Klouds, Via Nova Lite and Cabello just to name a few.

Foot Orthotics are in shoe-medical devices (insoles) that are used in the treatment of foot, ankle, knee and lower limb complaints. Custom foot orthotics are a useful treatment to address many common foot complaints because they optimise your foot biomechanics.

If you experience any of the conditions listed here, we suggest a visit to a podiatrist might be a good idea before selecting your style at Heavenly Shoes:

• Problematic flat/high arch foot types •
• Runners/athletes injury prevention & performance enhancement •
• Foot, ankle, & lower leg injury/painDiabetic wound treatment & prevention •
• Biomechanical & movement problemsost-surgical recovery of ongoing symptoms •
• Arthritis in feet •
• Heel spurs, heel pain, & pantar fasciitis treatment •
• Knee, back, & hip pain (depending on the particular problem) •

Problem feet don't have to be a problem any more. Just come and see us at Heavenly Shoes, a shoe store with a difference!

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