Mentha Magda Fuchsia

Pure Perfection!

38 X2
39 X2
40 X2

Mentha means mint. Mint is fresh, much appreciated and known for it's versatility. It can be used to make tea or a Margarita cocktail...Shoes you can wear to work and into the night. For the modern woman who enjoys comfort, style and versatility.

In this day and age, life is taken at the speed of light and communication evolves in multiple platforms simultaneously. The trick is to keep breathing and face life with a smile and a positive idea. To remain cool as cucumber. It's great when you're able to live your many lives with the least possible fuss. Mentha is here for the modern woman, who enjoys comfort as much as style and, most of all, values versatility. Shoes you can take to work as well as to go out on a Friday night. No bother. No discomfort. No pressure. Just a step of fresh air. Cool.

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